New year / New hair

I've always had quite - errrr, how can I put it - particular hair. Not only am I blessed with thick, curly, frizzy, plentiful hair (aka the devil's hair) but I'm also a sucker for colorful and wacky hairdos. All in all, if hair had feelings - which mine's behavior leads me to believe it does - then my hair hates the living hell out of me for everything I've done to it in the past decade or so. A few months ago, I had a good portion of my head bleached and dyed coral. It was vibrant and looked absolutely fantastic - for the first week. My hair felt like straw, was splitting in every possible direction and was completely fried. After spending a few hundred bucks to get my hair that way and then "maintain" it with fancy-shmancy products, I wasn't about to get stuck in the same loop of killing my locks all over again. And so... I chopped it off.  

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