Hello Stranger! 

My name is Amanda and I live in - you guessed it - Montreal. I'm one of those weird people who enjoy having jam-packed days every day and wish that there were at least 12 more hours in a day. I am a marketing creative and like my design style, enjoy living a clean, simple and colourful life.

The main purpose of this blog is to share my tips and tricks, daily discoveries, and random knowledge acquisitions with you (and oh my - do I ever have many) pertaining to (but not limited to) my BEAUTIFUL city of Montreal.

When I'm not marketing, you can typically find me:

  • Gaming (I'm a PS / PC / 3DS / anything retro kinda gal)
  • Chatting up a storm with my two cats
  • Organizing anything and everything
  • Concocting the next greatest decadent snack
  • Doing laundry (I legitimately love it)
  • Feeding my noggin via Wikipedia & Reddit
  • Making silly things for my Etsy store